Solar Power

How much space do solar panels use

Approximately 8 square meters for each kW installed

What are the roof or ground requirements to install solar panels?

Solar panels can be installed in many types of roof, for example shingle, metal or concrete. They can also be installed on ground. All we need is to have the proper orientation and space for the capacity needed.

Whats the weight of solar panels?

Approximately 18 Kg/m2

How long does it take to install solar panels?

Depending on the size of the installation. Must residential installations can be installed in 2-5 days. Commercial and industrial installations can take longer depending on the rated power of the plant and other electrical or structural conditions.

Are there different types of solar installations?

Yes, they can be divided in off grid, grid tied and hybrid. Off grid installations don't require power from the grid, use batteries and is limited to the battery bank size or the power of the inverters. Grid tied installations basically "sell" energy to the grid so the customer saves the energy being produced. Hybrid installations can play both roles.

What is the typical warranty of a solar installation?

Most solar panels come with a 20-25 year warranty, power inverters 5-10 years, and installation labor comes with a 1 year warranty.

HappyVolts Smart Inverters

How many hours can I use my HappyVolts inverter?

It will depend on the power of the model chosen and your energy consumption at the moment. For example, if you use a 2kW model, you can use 2kW of power for 1 hour, or 0.5kW of power for 4 hours and so on. However, if you have solar panels producing energy at the same time, your HappyVolts can provide energy during larger periods.

Can I sell HappyVolts in my market?

Definitely YES, contact us if you're a battery producer, distributor or a solar power service provider to talk about how you can help more people use HappyVolts in their home and business.

Is the HappyVolts easy to install?

Big YES here, you can have a HappyVolts up and running in one hour. Just connect to the circuit that's interrupted according to our specifications and ready. However, we recommend you use the service of a certified technician.

is there an App to visualize HappyVolts's performance?

YES! HappyVolts includes an App to monitor how much energy you're using and how much charge it has left. It will also inform our technical department if there's something wrong with the product so you can have a swift service response.