HappyVolts All-In-One Slim

For people or businesses wishing to have a stable, clean, and smart energy source. HappyVolts is an all-in-one containing a lithium-ion battery, power inverter, and automation capabilities. Different from other products, HappyVolts has been designed to satisfy the needs of emerging economies.

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Spec Sheet


HappyVolts All-In-One Slim specifications sheet

Grid Backup (UPS) and Off Grid Solar Power.

Millions of homes and businesses around the world have to endure the inconveniencies of energy blackouts and their consequences. With HappyVolts, your customers will be able to withstand blackouts or use off-grid solar power.

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 116.84 × 30.48 × 16.51 cm
Power/Storage Capacity

1kW/1kWh, 2kW/2kWh


Grid Backup, Off-Grid